Building a Larger Coop

By Csoldan · Feb 1, 2014 ·
  1. Csoldan
    Well, I've gotten so much information from and mostly from people like you who have made it sound easy to just DO it! I started my new chicken coop today!
    It's a big one, 8 feet wide by 16 feet long, the highest point will be about 7 feet, my husband didn't want to bump his head and I wanted to put a vent above the door.
    Here are the first two images: I started with the floor and put in braces between the joists, I leveled the base on concrete blocks as the ground is "rolling". The flooring helped me to keep the base square.
    Then I used some leftover linoleum and covered the base, I used a staple gun with 1/2" staples in it to put down the corners. I'm hoping that when I clean out the poop I won't lift the corners.

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  1. Latestarter
    The adhesive will also help at the seam to prevent the chooks from "investigating" (you know... like pulling a loose thread? :) ) and tearing it up.
  2. Csoldan
    What a good suggestion, I didn't think of that. Love this forum. Thanks
  3. Brookliner
    I used linoleum vinal adhesive and it has worked out very well.

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