My first love is my Ameraucana chickens. I try to raise Black, Blue and Blue Wheaton to the Ameraucana Clubs Standard as close as I can. I do not have any to sell at this time so there is no use to ask. I enjoy messing with them and just seeing what I can do with them, it is a big challenge from the start. I will include a picture of my favorite breed the Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas. Ameraucanas are a good choice for a back yard flock and I will own them for as long as I am able. Please see my colors in Ameraucana page to see the colors that are recognized by the Ameraucana Club they are all there.

I have decided to build a new incubator and I saw one on the BYC incubator building contest that I used as a model for mine. I didn't spare any expense in building it as this will probably be the last one that I will ever build. I wanted something that I could keep in the house that looked like a piece of furniture and at the same time that would as automated as is possible. I am going to put it through it's maiden run as soon as possible.

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