Building my 1st coop!

I decided to use this dilapidated old wood shed for a coop... as my brother and I dismantled the rotting roof he suggested I use the 8x16 area of...
By KaptainHowdy · Apr 14, 2019 · ·
  1. KaptainHowdy
    27730.jpeg got that nasty roof off! 27726.jpeg that's part of the 83 cents per board culled lumber I bought!!
    Started getting dark but this is going to be my run! Harbor freight sells a sun shade tarp that will cover the roof. And I was given a bunch of chain link that will go around the run.
    20190403_170200.jpg 20190403_170154.jpg
    This was a dilapidated wood shed that I decided to turn into a chicken coop.
    This is the footprint for my coop.
    I set the 4x4s just as a snowstorm started. The 2x4s are temporary supports so I didn't loose my squared up posts. It will be up off the ground.
    Not sure if it will be 2 foot or 3 foot at floor level.
    And just to the right of that red trailer I have a well that I plan on reactivating to water the chickens!

    Well it's been raining for the last week here in MI... and it looks like I still have 5 or 6 more days of rain before it stops!
    April showers bring May flowers and all
    But my chicks are getting big fast!
    I'm anxious to get building!
    WOO HOO!
    I know it's been a while but I've been busy! I am starting to see why everyone says "Have a coop BEFORE you get chicks!" Hahshah
    Oh well.
    So here's what I've accomplished lately..
    20190416_194217.jpg once I set my foot print it was time to throw wood at it to see where it lands!
    20190424_161846.jpg I found some pallet top plywood that was very cheap for the skin! Got that stack for 100$ 20190425_164947.jpg so I guess I didn't get any pics of just the floor joist but we (that's my brother. He has helped alot on this project! ) put 2x6s 16" on center coop ended up being 8x14. And yes the left side is temporarily hanging out there on it's own... I have plans for that later...
    Walls are framed! On the back wall you can see a 6inch by 8foot horizontal box... that's gonna be an adjustable vent. And the horizontal 14 inch by 11ish foot box will be where I attach the nesting boxes. 20190508_184950.jpg 20190508_185003.jpg 20190508_185024.jpg 20190508_185028.jpg Ok here we had gotten everything skinned and the run ready for some kind of roof. At this moment I am unsure if I'm going to make a solid roof or a net style whether metal or other.
    20190517_163803.jpg 20190517_163750.jpg
    I had some chain link given to me. 2 rolls of 5' x 30' and 1-4'x30 and 1 4'x20
    So we (the kid brother and I) did some figuring and talking and decided I had the best idea ; ) to bury the 5' about 16 inches in the ground. So we trenched around the run, added a 2x6 so the fence would fall half way. Added 2x4 and 2x6 to the post so the face would be flush for the fence. Added a chalk line so we could try to keep the fence somewhat level and added fence... until dark!
    P.s. it was really his idea lol

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  1. MROO
    "Good Start for an old shed conversion"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Apr 23, 2019
    This is a great start! Are you going to reinforce that roof to keep out predators? And how in the world did you score all that lumber for 83 cents a board? That, in itself, sounds like a great story we could all take a lesson from! Keep us posted!
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    1. KaptainHowdy
      Hey MROO thanks. Funny thing is, I was originally going to use the shed as the coop and then just add a run.
      But i was having a tough time deciding placement for everything.
      The old roof was so far gone that the only thing I ended up using was the 6 4x4 posts. My brother suggested to use it as the run space. And since I had already been talking about a raised coop it worked out great.
      I am definitely going to cover the roof. At this time unsure if I'm going to go solid or net or fence or other! Lol but I built for a solid just in case.
      After all 83 cents a board... why not!!
      So I went to my local lumberyard (not the big blue or Bright orange place) its locally owned. With just 6 or 8 stores in the northern part of the state... and asked about culled lumber. They had alot ! 2 big bundles for a 100$ each 1 for 75$ and 1 for 50$
      I really wanted one of the 100$ bundles and the 75$ bundle.
      REALLY I wanted it all!! But had a 200$ budget. So i devised a plan, well 3 plans;
      A offer 200$ for everything
      B offer 125 for 1-100 and the 75
      C pay full price for 100 and the 75 :/
      The store manager came out to us as we were looking at the pile of culled lumber and said what kind of project you got goin on... chicken coops I said and this pile would work just fine if the price is right.
      He smiled and said yeah? I said yeah I want to give you 200 for it all.
      Ok he said just about as fast as you just read it! I was floored! Once we got it home (2 trips) we counted boards divided boards by 200 and figured out we got them for the 82.67ish , 83 cents per board.
      I got 36 2x4x14
      65 2x6x9.5
      28 2x6x12
      And lots of 2x4 in 7.75, 8, 12 lengths.
      It was awesome! Yes some were roughed up, twisted, wet, or sun faded. All of which I could deal with.
      The really twisted ones I just cut into pieces that made it possible to use and burned the pieces I couldn't.
      LONG winded I know! Heheh
      Hope this will help you or others that read to save some money!
      Good luck, stay safe!


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  1. N F C
    I'm following to see how it all works out for you! :pop
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