My 1st Brooder

By KaptainHowdy · Apr 16, 2019 ·
  1. KaptainHowdy
    So on April 2nd 2019 I got my first ever chicks! 32 of them to be more precise.
    10 Isa brown pullets
    4 Orpington pullets
    6 leghorns pullets
    6 Americauna pullets
    6 wyandotte straight run
    To be exact!
    I started off with them in a big box with fine pine shavings. After 11 days they looked cramped so I spent an afternoon making them a brooder.
    I have a small garage that has a lean to off the side that has just collected "stuff"!
    And decided the back would be a perfect place for the brooder.
    After I cleaned out the "stuff" I screwed 2 -2x4s to the wall about 5 feet off the back wall. I attached the first piece of osb just off the floor. The osb was just laying around. The 2nd piece of osb slides between some 2x4s so I can remove it. Makes it easier to get in and out when I want to. I had some old doors that I picked up from someone doing a remodel job and used it as a top. I attached the hinges to a 2x4 going from wall to wall so I can open it up.
    I added the heat lamp, feeder, and waterer. 20190414_001117.jpg
    I also added a mirror and 3 perches.
    I want to make my mcnuggets happy!
    Every thing I used was just laying around.
    Well the materials were. I bought the feeder, waterer, and light.
    The leant to isn't 100% water tight. That's why the blue tarp on the top.
    I also covered the top with some straw to keep heat in.
    I love watching my mcnuggets immediately after I turn the light on!
    They play!!
    Overall this brooder is almost 5feet deep by 6'6" wide and almost 4feet? tall (didn't measure height)
    I plan to use it every year from here on out for the meat chickens I get every spring.
    I use a thermometer in the brooder and one in the lean to.
    I also just bought a 5$ timer for the light to come on and off. On at 6am off at 9pm.
    If you made it this far.... thank you for reading!
    If your thinking about raising your own chicks.... go for it! It has been fun so far.

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