Building our Duck Pond

By Ren2014 · Sep 12, 2014 · Updated Nov 17, 2016 · ·
  1. Ren2014
    O the many pains of providing water for our ducks, lol. The original goal was to move our ducks from our back yard to one of our stock tanks once they were old enough. After many trips back and forth (they would usually beat me back to the house), I gave up and bought a kiddie pool. I started with one big kiddie pool, then decided we needed more so everyone could swim at the same time. Then came the back pains from emptying the pools. So, my DH added drains with on/off valves. Then came the algae. We lost one of our ducks to I believe a snapping turtle in the stock tank so I convinced my DH to dig a small duck pond closer to the house and near to the duck pen. We plan to line it with our old swimming pool liner and put stones and landscape around it. I have already started with the landscaping[​IMG]

    Duck pen looking down to pond
    The finished hole

    Purple Pampas Grass and Chaste Tree

    9-13-14 Rain delay
    We got some much needed rain today.

    9-19-14 Lots more rain. The ducks are enjoying the pond already, lol. We haven't even lined it. If it continues to hold water I don't guess we will line it after all.

    Ducks are loving their new pond and I'm loving that I don't have to clean it.
    Added some Pink Muhly Grass


    10-05-14 DH took down a dead tree so we moved the trunk of it to the pond for shade


    WOW, I can't believe a year has gone by. I didn't keep up well with this article and the duck pond is still a work in progress but here are some pictures. We didn't use the pool liner at planned so it is all natural. With out the liner, the ducks were able to nibble at the dirt and therefore made the pond bigger than we planned. We finally had to put landscape fabric around the edges to protect the edges. We added a fountain, new plants and some fish. Hopefully the fish will eat the algae and the ducks won't eat the fish:) We extended our fence to include the pond in our 'backyard' and allow the G. Pyrenees to circle the pond on their patrols.

    (the fountain was destroyed one day when I saw a water mocassin crawl under it. I made my DH tear it down trying to get the snake[​IMG])
    9/12/15 pictures

    So, now it's 2016 and we are re-digging the pond. I got tired of the green sludge and the ducks started going out to the stock tank so we drained their pond. (I'm not sure if it was the sludge or the introduction of Muscovy ducks to our flock but something drove them to the tank that I tried for months to get them to use before building them a pond.)
    This time around we are doing it much differently. BIGGER and DEEPER and we are going to put in a biofilter. I've had two more ducks get bit by a snapping turtle in the stock tank so we'll pump that water into the new and if we don't trap him hopefully he'll move on.
    Here are pictures from the beginning of the new pond.
    And, we are adding another section. Hopefully the ducks and the Muscovies will stay away from the stock tank once completed.



    And we got some rain....

    Now all we need is to plant the submerged oxygenating plants and add the Skippy Filter.

    11-17-16 Updated pictures. Still needing to add the skippy. My DH is working on getting a balance between the two levels so the water flows down as it is pumped from the bottom back up to the top.








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  1. Ren2014
    I'm having problems trying to reply, lol... ordered the plants through Amazon. They didn't last long as the ducks LOVED them.
  2. Ren2014
    @MichalK Thank you so much. I ordered oxgenating plants
  3. MichalK
    It looked beautiful before! cant wait to see the update. where do you get the plants?
  4. Ren2014
    Hey nanceann! It's about 3-4 ft. deep with no liner. It has turned green because we haven't installed a filter and a pump yet. We are working on that now.
  5. nanceann
    Ren2014 how deep did you make yours? Lined or unlined?
  6. Ren2014
    OOO no, sorry to hear about the geese. How deep? My husband wants to make it deeper thinking it will help. We had the same problem with pumps getting clogged with mud. We've only had 1 broody and all 13 eggs hatched. Luckily there was no trampling. I have some Scovy eggs in the incubator now. Can't wait to see pictures.
    Yes, we're still paddling! Predator took all my geese, think rogue fox (thought they'd all gone), or dogs (not village ones). Anyhow, I moved the muscovies into the larger goose pond. Not lining them is still the best I think. I have scraped the mud back a couple of times (to make it deeper and can either gravity feed fill them or use a little pump. I did try a solar filter but the mud kept blocking it..there is no smell and the water is fairly clear. Again, it is good for the ducklings as they can judge the depth and not drown. Only problem I've had is ducklings beings trampled after hatching...I leave them with Mum (and Aunties) but Dad has such BIG feet! I WILL send photo's may be tonight! We are still very warm here (early 30'sC)
  8. Ren2014
    Well, yesterday I saw our first moccasin. Made my DH tear down the fountain. No more rocks that aren't cemented in. Trying to come up with a filtration system now.

    @[email protected] how's yours doing? We have Muscovies now.
    Three goslings popped their heads up late yesterday..Daddy Schultz is very protective, pond is still good (using spring water). Still praying for rain. 34% C yesterday and higher expected today...Not even summer yet! Keep "duckin'"
  10. no1son55
    I got pics in the peking duck club having hard time in this forum
  11. no1son55
    Ahh in south fla ...thanks for the update
    Like what ya did with your pond as soon as i can will send pics
  12. Ren2014
    @no1son55 I was referring to the Cobra that escaped. It's some where in North Florida.
  13. no1son55
    Im in Fla Punta gorda their are no king cobras
    eagles hawks coyotes cougars bobcats and alligators thats enough
    I have a husky that watches over them although when the males started fighting over the female
    All bets were off thts why only females now
  14. Ren2014
    @no1son55 I sure hope you are no where near where the escaped King Cobra is.
    I love when it rains and the ducks play in the natural puddles. They can be quite funny.
    Our ducks were making trips back to the stock tank but since we found one dead and another missing I don't think they have been back there.
  15. Ren2014
    @[email protected]
    Can't wait to see pics! Congrats on the babies to come. That sounds so exciting.
  16. no1son55
    No they never made the big pond have one out front that fills up in rainy season dry in winter and the ditches by the road way to busy for the big pond got 12 more ducklings 3 weeks old hope to train them to go out back all females had a lot of problems with the first 3 2 males and a female didn't work out but love the ducks soooo........
    I've extended to another pond as well (these are now all fenced in (dog trouble). I've had to split the ducks as the Muscovy's were getting quite aggressive. Swapped geese teens for more chooks and a black Muscovy. The geese are sitting again, so more babies to come! Still haven't taken good photo's!
  18. Ren2014
    @no1son55 did your ducks make it to their pond? :)
  19. no1son55
    Im in fla have a half acre pond but its in the back of my property having a blast trying to get my 3 Peking ducks back there they argue back and forth then run in all directions once they find out the ponds back there i dont think ill see them anymore worried bout gators and eagle's
  20. Ren2014
    Yeah for the geese:) Our ducks decided to go to the stock tank I had been trying to get them them to use for MONTHS, grrrrr, lol
    The ducks are very blasé about the pool now and use the kiddy pools too (maybe all the bugs have been eaten) However, what's good for the ducks is good for the geese. Kiddy pool too high for the 10 goslings, so they have a pool too! Am tryingto post photos..may have to ask the teenager!
  22. Ren2014
    That too funny but I bet it saved you from having to dig deep for the tub. I can't wait to see pictures. I still have one kiddie pool out but our ducks prefer the pond. We have clean water out for drinking.
    I started digging a "hole" to fit a bathtub into, thought I'd run water into it to make the ground softer...forgot tap was on...went back and found very happy ducks diving and pecking/digging at tree roots, bugs and goodness knows what around the sides of the hole. I too was going to then line it, but have left it, Really good for ducklings as it has a slope and they can guage the depth. Much easier to clean (I don't) than the various kiddie pools...still keep then for the "cleaner drinking water. Will try and send photos (when I find camera!)

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