My Mixed Breed coop
I have no clue how old my coop is. It was already here when we moved in to our house. Right now it holds my 9 chickens. I caught the "Chicken Addiction" on Thursday April 23, 2008. That was one day after my little brother's birthday, the 22nd. I ordered 6 Ridgeway New Hampshire pullets from my local feed store, J & B Feed.
A few days before the 23rd, we started constructing a brooder box for the chicks to grow in until they were old enough to go outside. My mom typed in chick brooder plans on Yahoo! search and one of the first websites was! She started looking through the brooder pages and got some good ideas which she then passed onto my dad and me. We started building a brooder out in our garage. After it was done, we brought it into the house and put it in our basement. We turned on the heat lamp light to get the temperature set.
We went and picked up the chicks after work on Thursday. They were in a box that was the size of a baker's box. We introduced them to our cat and got them comfortable in their new home. My cat loved having them. She would sleep on top of the brooder during the night to keep the chicks company. lol