[FONT=arial black,avant garde]All About The Coop!![/FONT]​
Thanks for stopping by and looking at My Page. My flock consists of 6 Ridgeway New Hampshire Red hens, 1 Red sex link hen, 1 Aracauna hen, and 1 Barred Rock hen. They all live in a white coop that measures to about 7' x 8'. Right now I am in the process of insulating the walls. This coop was pretty plain inside when I moved here. It has 3 pop holes for the chickens to get outside (2 of which I closed for winter). There is an attached run that is 8 ft. wide x 5 ft. tall x 10 ft. long. I covered it with orange construction netting (A.K.A.-- Snowfence) which is considerably strong. I don't think many animals will be able to gnaw through it. LOL.
The coop is a coop ya know! lol I am always making changes with the feeder and waterer and soon I am going to be installing a new window for ventilation. Since I have had all my chickens in their coop, I realized about 5 months ago that they needed to get out into the grass to get some greens. I recently expanded their run by getting a lot of fence from garage sales and by asking relatives. Their new run it about 15' wide by 30' long. This gives them plenty of room to run around and pick up little bugs.