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    Canesisters' Swap Page
    (updated 5/30/12)
    Sorry - busy building a coop so no swaps till I have time to take picts
    Coming soon: miracle grow feeder hose attachements, blown glass pumpkin, assorted books & videos, some craft stuff and some holiday decorations

    Swaps In Progress:

    Metal and Glass Candle Holder Wall Sconces

    The black part is metal, with the smiling glass faces in the middle

    Little votive candles sit in a little holder behind the glass (you could use battery tea lights..)

    They stick out about 3" from the wall

    ** I used them as curtain tie backs for a while - without the candle, of course (o:

    *** With the room lights on and the candles lit

    *** With the room lights off and the candles lit

    Breyer Horses
    These are all 'full size' models. They were much loved toys and have some scratches and rub marks on them.
    Some were in a box in the barn and are pretty dusty - I'll get them cleaned up and post some better picts soon.

    "The Black Stallion"






    dapple pony mare

    Shetland Pony

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