Hello! My name is Carri and I'm from Norco, California. My husband grew up in your typical track home, but I was lucky enough to grow up with horses, chickens, dogs, and just about every other farm animal you can think of. All of my best childhood memories are of my friends and I riding our ponies, playing outside in the sun, feeding the chickens and raising rabbits, chicks, sheep and pigs.
Since getting married in 2003, I wanted to get a flock of chickens. My husband, Ken, wasn't quite on board and he wasn't too happy when I brought home two bantam cochin and two BR chicks in 2005. We already had horses (he's still not "used" to being a horse owner) and three dogs. The four chicks were still living in the laundry room when I turned to the Internet to find more information. I was lucky enough to find BYC to help me with all of my questions. Ken and I built a coop and run for the four now feathered out teenagers (the people on BYC also informed me that I did, in fact, have one roo!) and moved them outside. Sadly, one cochin was killed by a dog after she squeezed out of a fence crack, but to make a long story short, we are now up to two coops and 14 chickens! The two BRs are now up at my dad's house, where they enjoy free ranging in the garden.
Ken now loves the chickens and says they are his favorite pets! We enjoy hanging out with the girls and collecting the eggs they lay for us. I'm officially addicted to BYC and I've met many great people on the forum. Two years ago, I was only familiar with two breeds (RIRs and BRs) but now I know that there are hundreds of beautiful breeds, and I love them all!
Bo and I trying out Pole Bending (first time attempt and we won a first place ribbon!)