"Smart Owners Protect Their Birds"
The state of California has many programs to help backyard flock owners maintain the health of their birds. The California Department of Food and Agriculture website is a little confusing and hard to navigate, so I decided to make a page for California flock owners to reference.
State Bird Hotline- 1-866-922-2473 (To report sick or dead birds)
Sacramento HQ Branch Office- 1-916-654-1447
Modesto District- 1-209-491-9350
Redding District- 1-530-255-2140
Tulare District- 1-559-685-3500
Ontario District- 1-909-947-4462
The State will do FREE tests and necropsies for all backyard flock owners. I highly suggest you take advantage of this if you come across a sick or dead bird. If you call the hotline, they will direct you to your District Office where you can schedule an appointment for a tech to come out.
Some of the FREE services the State offers:
  • Swab and test up to 10 birds. They will come to your property, take a throat and vent swab on site, and report any findings 5-7 days later.
  • Remove sick, dead or dying birds. You may drop a bird off at any District Office, but can also schedule for someone to come out and remove birds from your property. They will humanely euthanize your sick or dying bird and provide you with necropsy results.
  • Provide you with information on how to keep your flock happy and healthy.
Non-California Residents can call the USDA Veterinary Services toll free at 1-866-536-7593 to report sick, dead, or dying birds. Visit http://agr.wa.gov/FoodAnimal/AnimalHealth/StateVets.htm to find your state vet.
Feel free to email or PM me if you have any questions re. California's free services for backyard poultry owners. I will be more than happy to help or direct you! Or, for additional information, visit http://cahfs.ucdavis.edu/