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Your's truly, as a duckling:


And now for my Fellow Broodermates:
My sister, ( Also my partner in crime.
) Jessie.



And now, Fawn:

This photo shoot was a most traumatic one, because not only was it my first, but it was also my first time out of that nice and warm brooder, so I did the only thing I could, run. It seems that the only one who actually seemed to enjoy it was fawn, who sat still for nearly the entire time, from what the Pa told us. Anyway, I needed to get back to my friends, so I ran in the direction of the brooder, the only problem was, I couldn't walk through walls, so in the end, Pa finally caught me, after which I finally got my photo taken and was carried in a most undignified fashion back to the brooder.
Post #2:
Hello again! Sorry for not posting here in a while, it's been quiet busy nowadays. So my second adventure was in a sort of indoor pool that made a lot of noise when it poured water. The water, in my opinion was absolutly fantastic, the only downside was that my BrooderMates, Fudge and Biller didn't seems to like the water at all that much so they stayed away and didn't play with me. No matter if I pleaded with them, or tried to show them how fun the water was, they stayed away
. In the end I quit and jumped up on a white boat to preen my down, then Biller came up and sunk it, the whole thing happened again a minute after. I was so disappointed. The third time I hopped up, the boat somehow dissasembled and I sank. Ah well! The tough life of a duck! So now there where two rafts and it made it hard to swim in the cramped space. So a couple of minutes later as the water got colder, I started cheeping a lot and Pa took us all back to the brooder where we dried out.
{ A summary of these events can be seen in this link:
{ Some pictures are provided for those who cannot access Youtube:




Post #3:
This is now my second photo shoot. This one was quiet nice considering that I had the company of my sister, Jessie , along with Fudge and Brownie, and of course I mustn't forget that little snack we had at the end!








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My first day in the world out of the house!

[Next episode is under contruction.]