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    Temporary filler:

    Form for Captains:

    Captain/Commander's Name: Xoloitz
    Empire: Catopian Empire
    Appearance: Unusually large black & white Tuxedo Cat
    Crew Members (optional): (undetermined)
    Corbian Ability (only if your captain has breathed earth air, then breathed Corbian Gas): Master of Qi magic.
    Username: crazyaboutchickens

    Captain's Name: Peril
    Empire: Catopian Empire
    Appearance: Large American Shorthair Tabby
    Crew Members (optional): (undetermined)
    Corbian Ability (only if your captain has breathed earth air, then breathed Corbian Gas): Telekinesis.
    Username: crazyaboutchickens

    Captain's Name: Ruscar
    Empire: Catopian Empire
    Appearance: Large British Shorthair
    Crew Members (optional): (undetermined)
    Corbian Ability (only if your captain has breathed earth air, then breathed Corbian Gas): Technopathy.
    Username: crazyaboutchickens

    Captain's Name: Hypertix
    Empire: Catopian Empire
    Appearance: Large Savannah Cat
    Crew Members (optional): (undetermined)
    Corbian Ability (only if your captain has breathed earth air, then breathed Corbian Gas): Pyrokinesis.
    Username: crazyaboutchickens

    Form for Empire:
    Empire Name (must be that of the species' name): Catopian Empire
    General Appearance: Capable of talking but has no other human characteristics. Large, furry, smart felines. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes and fur patterns. Also they walk on all fours, a trait separating them from most other cat-related species.
    Level (levels 6 through 9 are allowed, 6 being very small and 9 being very large:) 9
    Characters: (???)
    Username: crazyaboutchickens

    Long ago, in the age where space travel was something new, a group of cats had emerged.
    Picking their way out from the unjust rule of the dominant species, they set off traveling to
    faraway planets, frequently keeping in contact with each other. A few generations later,
    they all converged upon one planet, and after a time, conquered it along with several of the
    other surrounding stars and solar systems. While other cats were busy exploring the galaxy,
    warring, and mixing with other species, these stayed within their own domain, cultivated the
    planets, established their own society, built upon their culture, and improved their technology.
    The Catopians seem to live in a binary solar system. This is not true. One of the two suns
    is actually the Catopian homeworld. Experts in holography, they have covered the planet
    with what would seem to be the surface of a sun. Adding to the effect, they have specialized
    technology made to mess with any ships' heat scanners. The hologram is developed by two
    generators on each axial pole, and powered by solar panels placed in strategic locations around
    the planet. The rest of the planet is covered with tropical life and the random desert with violent
    storms. The cats live underground, their ships are hidden in bases under the desert sand.
    Occasionally food is foraged from the surface. Safe underground, they spend most of
    their time enjoying life undisturbed, traveling to nearby planets, and have the occasional
    scuffle to make life a little more dramatic, which the cats love even though nothing ever
    comes of it.
    This is the Planet all Catopians have come to know as: "Lumineux"

    Within the deepest hole of the Catopian tunnel system, there is a chamber, a small channel filled with fuel and incense illuminates the room.
    Set in a circle, are 5 floating diamonds, and 5 sets of two vials, containing earth air, and Corbian gas.
    The five diamonds are blue by color, but radiate a red aura/phosphorescence.
    Set upon a sick person, they can heal, they can also destroy a limited amount of Drex technology containing Izouix.
    Unfortunately they afterwards turn black and cannot be used again.
    The gems themselves are white, but a master of Qi/Ki/Chi magic can inject life force into them for use later, turning them blue.
    Diamonds with the qualities necessary to store this life force, are nearly impossible to find.
    Due to the amount of Qi energy necessary to heal a person through the gem, these diamonds can only be made once a year.
    In the middle of the circle, there is a tablet with the picture of a wolf on it.
    The only canine species a feline would respect.
    Under this tablet, there is the Six-Ren Dice, containing the key necessary to unlock the Royal Cat Codex, containing the whole history of the Catopian Race, their origin, what was on Lumineux before the cats came, the trajectory of the wormhole leading the The Path Of Delicious Liquid (Milky Way), and many other written treasures.

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