Cat-proof brooder

Cat Proof 54 gallon brooder
By Beriel79 · Apr 8, 2014 · Updated Apr 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Beriel79
    Close up of how I attached the hardware cloth:

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  1. YardBirdMom
    Great idea!
  2. windnleavesfarm
  3. Beriel79
  4. drumstick diva
    Great brooder, well thought out. I'm not a cat person, don't they like to lay on top and look in? I'm thinking it would keep the chicks from getting enough air.
    I think a clear plastic tote would give the chicks a chance to see out, instead of just worrying about the giant hand that reaches in from the top and grabs them.
  5. crazyfeathers
  6. teneyck farms
    i like this brooder i especially like the waterer good idea and good job
  7. RenoChickenNoob
    Love it. If I planned on getting more chicks anytime soon, I'd definitely make this. But I only have 7 now and I don't think I need anymore for a while. At least my wife seems to think we don't. I'm sure she'll change her mind though!! LO

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