Hi All!!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post of my own chickens - - I'm in the "dreaming about" and "preparing for" process of my chicken journey (someday I will have more than I ever imagined hahaha). We're tentatively hoping to have our own flock by Spring 2013 and will start our process to prepare for the around Oct/Nov 2012. I feel like such a "dork" because I already have the coop designed, where I'm going to order the chicks from, some of the supplies to raise them and the exact breeds we'll be getting! :)

A little bit about me...

I am a wife to an A-MAZING man that I've been with since 2003 (our Junior year in high school) and we've been married since Aug 2009.

We have one little kiddo that's the light of our lives. She is the most hilarious little character and just amazes me more and more each day!

I LOVE to go camping, scrapbook, paper craft, sew, laugh and have as much fun as possible!

I've been collecting SO many ideas to someday create the coop that I've always wanted and I can't wait! You all have such AWESOME ideas and make it so easy to be excited about chickens. I haven't been an actual member for long but WOW, you all have been SO supportive and I have felt so welcome from day one. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I'm looking forward to chatting with most of you for years to come!

Most recent picture of my family and I, taken Aug 2012