CDC Links Salmonella "Outbreak" To BYChickens

  1. 'Murican chicken-er
    According to the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) there is currently an "Outbreak" of salmonella poisoning in the USA. The CDC posted their conclusions, May 16, 2019, on their official website found here:

    READ THIS NON-SENSE CAREFULLY before culling your flock/ destroying your birds/ running for the hills, etc. Our "helpful government people" are attempting to create panic where none is needed by calling this an "outbreak."

    You Must Understand: When the CDC declares an "Outbreak" they are allowed - By Law - to move into the affected area(s), confiscate whatever they feel needs confiscated and destroy it, and "quarantine" any, and all, affected persons (including your children) for as long as they deem necessary, among other actions allowed by Washington D.C.

    Allow me to break down the CDC's Facts:

    1: Fifty-Two people, out of 327.2 Million U.S. citizens, have contracted salmonella. ONLY FIFTY-TWO. That's not even a blip on the radar and especially so for a preventable disease. The CDC should not even be caring about such an insignificant number for such an avoidable situation. Death from salmonella is Very Rare and only if it gets into the blood stream, which is also very rare.

    2: Thirty-Three of the Fifty-Two were interviewed. Twenty-Three of those Thirty-Three interviewed had contact with personal chickens or ducks. The CDC then proclaims, "70% of people contract salmonella from raising chickens!" Ummm..... statistics can say whatever you FORCE them to say. The TRUTH is that only 44% of the Fifty-Two cases contracted salmonella from personal chickens or ducks. That means 56% of the cases contracted salmonella from somewhere else. Why does the CDC Not Research THAT little tidbit of information???

    3: Salmonella is almost 100% avoidable with proper hygiene and maintenance. How many times has your mother told you, "Wash Your Hands Before Eating?" Well, then, Do It.!! That alone can prevent contracting salmonella. How often have you read the BYC forum stressing a clean chicken environment? Well, then, Do It.! That should take care of the rest.

    4: People must begin to wonder, "Why is the U.S. government declaring an "Outbreak" (a Very Powerful Word in the world of disease control) when ONLY 23 people, out of 327 million, got salmonella from BYChickens??" Is it possible they want to shut down the BYC industry since it is now making an actual dent in the corporate chicken egg market??

    Tennessee has made it illegal for private dairy farmers and homesteaders to sell raw milk from their personal cows. If a farmer/homesteader does sell raw milk from their Own Personal Cow, or even allow a "farm share" partner to just drink some, it is a crime. Why?? The answer is Salmonella, among other bacterial disease (see link).

    There is currently a Lot of discussion regarding the Salmonella content of BYChicken eggs. This is probably due to YOUR eggs not being chemically sanitized to kill bacteria. Ironically, the natural membrane surrounding an egg as it is laid does a better job of preventing bacterial infection than a chemical spray could ever prevent, but the FDA demands the chemical spray.

    More Ironic still, European grocery stores will NEVER purchase eggs that have been chemically sanitized. That means, the corporate eggs sold in the U.S. would be ILLEGAL in Europe. Your BYChicken eggs, however, would be purchased with glee (dear God, whatever happened to America??).

    Manure is Reason #1 for the FDA and CDC to declare Your BYChicken egg unfit for human consumption, but they can come up with a LOT more reasons, trust me. If the FDA or CDC ever get a permanent declaration that BYChicken eggs are a biological hazard, well.... get ready for a LOT of chicken dinners.

    There is VERY strong resistance from corporate chicken egg factories toward the home-grown egg market. Interviews with corporate egg farmers demonstrate this with one corporate farmer declaring, "Chickens do NOT eat grass", as he stood in front of his dirt-plot filled with chickens - but NO grass.

    Corporations have extremely strong influence with government officials due to campaign contributions, donations, etc. Government officials will offer "payback" in the form of legislation. It does not matter if the Govt. Official is a "D" or an "R", they all want to keep their cushy job and will do what it takes.

    Bottom Line -- Do not be quick to trust Any government institution. They have an agenda and it is NOT to look out for your best interest. To use an extreme situation - if nuclear bombs fall, Washington D.C. is NOT going to care if you cannot find a bomb shelter as they run into theirs. On a more personal level, D.C. is not going to care about your BYChickens if a corporation makes a sizable enough donation to have the CDC declare an "Outbreak" of a preventable disease in your personal back yard.

    D.C. can, and will, shut you down if enough corporate egg farmers apply enough pressure.

    Trust Me.... I Used To Work For The Government (and I am here to help you >LOL<)

    (Yo, y'all.... please share/link this article to increase awareness among BYChicken-ers so we can all 'watchdog' Federal legislation to ban personal, private, home-grown eggs... like the milk ban in Tennessee)

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  1. WannaBeHillBilly
    "I only believe in the statistics i have falsified!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 19, 2019
    Not wearing a tin-foil hat, but that »Investigation Notice« from the CDC emits a foul smell:
    Either somebody urgently needed to prove that her/his job is irreplaceable or, and i believe this is the more likely explanation, the egg-mafia begins to feel the effect of people raising chickens and ducks for eggs in their backyards, thus buying less eggs at the stores.
    It would not be the first time that corporate America makes large »contributions« to try to influence regulations to their favor…
    But i'm ranting! Back to the article: Very well written and puts the number of cases in that »outbreak« in a better context. And i must agree, calling fifty-two (52!) people an »outbreak« is as ridiculous as banning dihydrogenmonoxide (DHMO).
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  2. MROO
    "Numbers Don't Lie ... But "Statistics" Do!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed May 18, 2019
    There's an old book out there called "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics." Numbers can tell a powerful story - and can tell it in whatever manner the writer chooses to present them. We need to stay open and logical ... and use our innate common sense to get the true message. Yes. Salmonella is a problem ... we know that. But ... contracting it from our backyard flocks is absolutely preventable. Keep up the good work, BYC'ers!
    1. 'Murican chicken-er
      And All God's Chicken People Said -- "AMEN"


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