Last year, I took my first journey into duck ownership. Or is it that my ducks own me? Either way, I found myself ordering two female Blue Swedish ducklings and patiently (I use that word loosely) waiting for them to arrive.

They stayed inside until they were old enough to handle the outdoor temperatures. As they grew up, it was time for me to build their outdoor home!

Supplies picked up!

Walls built.

Even picked up a FREE 100 gallon pond - BRAND NEW! Did I mention it was FREE!?

Adding the screen.

Girls were wondering if their run was ever going to be finished....

Preparing the ground underneath (landscape fabric, chicken wire under there, etc.).

Walls are up!

And the roof!

Some of our dogs had to check out the craftsmanship.

Pond was "Phoebe and Rachel approved".

Added smaller gravel, a pre-made wood dog house, and the girls!

Steps to the pond.

And yesterday I ordered two more ducklings to arrive in a couple weeks - two Fawn/White Runners to join the crew! Spring projects include setting the pond into the ground more (right now I have a drain on the bottom and plumbing to run the yard (happy grass loves that water). We're also going to build our own coop with double walls, so we can insulate them in the winter (we live in Wisconsin).

Thanks for checking out Central Quack!