House of Chabrier

My name is Annie and I am an artist who loves to paint animals and birds. I especially like to paint chickens. I don't know why, but I guess it's because they are so individual and different. My first chicken was a very sweet, small, white Silky chicken I called Fluff Butt. She loved me, followed me around in the garden, and was a delightful little companion.
I now have had many different types of chickens, and ducks, and still like painting birds. My life centers around my art, my garden, my flowers, and my home. I paint every day, and if you have a wonderful looking Rooster, Hen, or chick I will probably write and ask permission to draw or paint them. I will upload some pictures of my chickens I have currently, and some of my watercolor, oil, and Alkyd paintings of chickens. When I say I paint every day I mean I paint every day. I also design Needlepoint Canvases for JellyBeanStock, and then handpaint the canvases. Yes, and some of those canvases are of chickens. I paint what I love and enjoy. Life is too short to not do what one loves.
I hope you enjoy my paintings of chickens, and photos of the chickens that live on our property. They are good models, and work for scratch!
I enjoy reading about everyones chicken, and observing the diversity of the beautiful chickens people here love and nuture. I look forward to reading about and seeing all the wonderful chickens you raise.