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    What ranks are taken?

    Alpha (2)
    Beta (2)
    Warriors (Unlimited) (They are the fighters)
    Lead Hunter (1) (Leads the hunt)
    Hunters (Unlimited)
    Pup watchers (Unlimited)
    Omega (Unlimited)
    Pups (Unlimited)

    Moonstone Pack- Female Beta, Alpha Male,
    Lazy River Pack- Alpha Female,
    Shadow Pack- Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Lead Hunter, Male Beta,
    Forest Ash Pack- Beta female, Lead hunter,



    Here is my wolf!
    Name: blaze
    Age: 2
    Gender: girl
    Mate: none
    Pups: none
    Pack: forest ash
    Rank wanted: alpha
    Rank: beta
    Description: blaze has flaming red fur and unusual green eyes
    Personality: blaze is stubborn, sly, clever, ambitious, distrustful, but also fiercely loyal to her friends, and very very very independent.
    Username: Nippers
    Other: no one knows how blaze got to forest ash. They found her as a pup. Also, Moo:p

    Name: Moonlight
    Age: 3
    Gender: girl
    Personality: funny, cheerful, fiercely protective of pack/friends
    History: to be RPed
    Pack: moon stone
    Description: white fur with silvery legs muzzle and tail
    Other: MOO
    Username: Nippers
    Rank: middle
    Rank wanted: none she is perfectly happy with her current rank.
    Mate: to be RPed
    Pups: to be RPed
    (P.s sorry it's not in the right order. I have a bad memory. [​IMG]

    Name: crystal
    Age: 4
    Pack: lazy river
    Gender: woman (if a wolf can be a woman)
    Rank: alpha?
    Rank wanted: alpha?
    Personality: kind but firm, puts pack's needs before her own,
    Description: her fur is cloudy gray and she has blue eyes
    Mate: Frindizzle, can you make him?
    Pups: wind and gust (I'll make them later but I would appreciate if someone else did)
    History: Climbed the rank ladder: omega to alpha!
    Username- Nippers
    Other: MOOOO. (Also, Frindizzle, you are awesome)

    Name: scorch
    Age: 1 and a half years
    Pack: forest ash
    Gender: boy
    Personality: just like Blaze's except more manipulative.
    History: found by pack like blaze
    Mate: not interested in romance
    Pups: none
    RAnk wanted- Beta
    Rank- Lead hunter
    Other: MOOOO he is blaze's brother but neither of them know that.
    Username: Nippers
    Description: he is black with dark brown paws

    Name- Niko
    Age- 4 1/2
    Gender- Male
    Mate- None yet but open
    Pups- none but wants
    Pack- Shadow Pack
    Rank wanted- He has it.
    Rank- Alpha male
    Picture or Description- [​IMG]Niko is a very strong and fast wolf. He is large and muscled.

    Personality- He is a born leader. He doesn't like to fight but definitely would. He is adventurous and loves to run. He doesn't make friends easily but when he does it lasts for a while. He loves to talk.
    User-name- cowhlb
    Other- Moo

    Name- Luna
    Age- 3 1/2
    Gender- Female
    Mate- wants one
    Pups- none
    Pack- Lazy River Pack
    Rank wanted- alpha
    Rank- beta
    Picture or Description-[​IMG]

    Personality- She is sweet and a mighty hunter. She usually gets what she wants
    Username- cowhlb
    Other- Moo

    Name- Slate
    Age- 6
    Gender- Male
    Mate- none
    Pups- none
    Pack shadow pack
    Rank wanted- Beta
    Rank- Lead Hunter
    Personality- He is a born leader. He is hard minded and keep his focus. He likes the company of others but do not require it. He may not make friends easily but when he does, the friendship lasts forever and is not easily torn apart. He have to have things his way and be in charge because he does not take to authority well
    Username- MOO


    name: chanca
    age: 4
    pack: shadow
    gender: girl
    mate: niko
    rank: Alpha Female
    rank wanted: has it
    pups: to be RPed
    personality: funny, sweet, unfussy, she is very loyal and is good with other wolves
    description: short dark gray fur and blue eyes
    history: to be RPed
    other: MOO

    Age- 5
    Gender- Male
    Mate- none
    Pups- none
    Pack- Shadow
    Rank wanted- Has it
    Rank- Beta
    Picture or Description-[​IMG]

    Personality- Loyal, kind, respectful, wary of outsiders, takes his responsibility in stride
    Username- Tthe ChickenKing

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