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Do your chickens miss grass in the winter? Solution!

  1. cowhlb
    Do your chickens miss grass in the winter? Are they bored and have nothing to do? Well, here is a solution!

    The other day I had this idea. I got about 5 gallon sized Ziploc bags. I went out to the round bails near my house. I picked long, thick, luscious pieces of grass that even looked good to me. I put them in the bag. I packed the grass tight but not enough to were it wouldn't zip.
    I zipped the bag and got more bags and filled them. After I had enough bags filled with grass and flowers and such I took them to my deep freeze- freezer.
    Hopefully this will work. I hope the grass doesn't go bad but I have put grass in the freezer before for other chicken foods and it did fine but it also had water in it.

    I hope this helped you all! Please try it with me and tell me how it worked for you!
    (Hannah Bopp)

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  1. Mountain Peeps
  2. MrsBrooke
    I look forward to seeing if this worked for you. :) Good luck!

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