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    Choosing A Breed For Your Backyard Flock

    Chickens come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and personalities. This leaves many of us scratching our heads, wondering just which breed, or breeds are perfect for our backyard flocks.*


    Begin by,
    Taking a look over what your coop and yard has to offer a flock, to help you choose your perfect chicken(s). The bolded titles can help you with this task.

    If you have...
    Short Walls
    ...or short fences you'll want to consider a heavier breed (or less flighty birds) that won't fly right out of your yard but if you insist on a chicken that can fly, you should consider clipping their wings or an enclosed run.

    Top 5 Recommended Breeds For Short Walls:
    1. Standard Cochin [picture source]

    2. Brahma [picture source]

    3. Silkie Bantam [picture source]

    4. Delaware [picture source]

    5. Plymouth Rock [picture source]

    If you have a...
    Small Run/Coop:
    The amount of space you have for your flock matters. The less space you have or the bigger the chickens you choose, limits your flock. For this problem you can either have fewer large birds or look into a different sized chicken breeds such as bantams and have more chickens (small chickens).

    Top 5 Recommended Breeds For Small Areas/confinement:

    1. Standard Wyandotte (picture source)

    2. Standard Sussex (picture source)

    3. Standard Polish (picture source)

    4. Marans (picture source)

    5. Faverolles (picture source)

    If you want...
    Good Layers:
    Just for eggs, not so much for pets but are active enough to be charming, the following breeds might be your match.

    Top 5 Recommended Breeds For Best Layers:

    1. Australorp [picture source]

    2. Leghorn [picture source]

    3. Sexlink [picture source]

    4. Ancona [picture source]

    5. Rhode Island Red [picture source]

    If you live in a..
    Quiet Neighborhood: Some places do not appreciate a laying hens egg song, or the seemingly random chicken chatter throughout the day, but have no worries, the following breeds are some possibilities for your flock. NOTE: A good breeding stock can change any faults a bird may have (such as a loud crow), good parent stock is suggested.

    Top 5 Recommended Breeds For Less Noise:

    1. Brahma Bantam [picture source]

    2. Orpington [picture source]

    3. Naked Neck [picture source]

    4. Ameraucana (Easter Egger) [picture source]

    5. Old English Game Bantam [picture source]

    If you only want...
    Many chicken keepers enjoy the friendliness of their flocks. The following are great examples of breeds with high potential of being pets. NOTE: With any chicken that you purchase, it should be handled regularly and be picked out for its personality.

    Top 5 Recommended Breeds For Pets :
    Silkie Bantam [picture source]

    2. Serama (picture source)

    3. Cochin (picture source)

    4. Cornish Bantam (picture source)

    5. Brahma Bantam (picture source)

    Other Tips:
    • Never buy a random batch of chicks from the feed store, they might not have been what you were looking for in a backyard flock.
    • With any chicken breed you choose, raise them the way you want your chickens to turn out. ie: if you want a friendly chicken hold if often and get it use to loud noises and people.
    • Pick out the healthiest chicks or chickens, don't buy a sickly one because of guilt.
    • Don't buy more chickens than you can accommodate or keep up with.
    • Use Backyard Chickens (BYC) and other resources such as books to help you with your chicken keeping.
    • When your birds are ready, feel free to take them to a poultry show so others can admire what a great chicken keeper you are.
    • Have Fun!
    • Don't Forget to consider you climate, if you have harsh winters you'll want to consider heavier feathered birds like Cochins, with the heat you'll want tight feathered birds like Malays.

    Thanks for reading & Have a Great Time With your Future Flock or your New Additions!

    *All chicken breeds suggested have been gathered by multiple sources and have been concluded to fit their categories. Choose good stock to get the best results.

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