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By OLD ADOBE · Mar 21, 2013 · ·
    My hubby and I decided that we wanted to have chickens, so we went to TS to buy some chicks. After getting the girls, we decided we needed a coop (probably a little backwards) :)
    Hubby is quite handy and has lots of tools so we decided to build a fabulous coop and run for our new chickies.


    The size is 8' X 8' with a large A frame roof with shingles and a roof vent. Also has high ceilings for ventilation and standing room.

    Our chicks are still pretty small so we currently have a heat lamp in the coop that turns on in the evening to keep them warm. My husband also built a removable A-frame roost that can be taken out and of the coop for cleaning.


    We built two large barn-style doors (for humans) to enter the coop and the chicken run. We have framed out a spot in the run to add another door in the future. We also built a sliding door with a ramp for the chicks. On both sides are nesting boxes with tie-downs to prevent animals from getting in.

    We decided the coop needed lots of light, so we added 4 windows next to the doors to increase natural light in the coop. There are an additional 4 windows that are covered with chicken wire and can be opened/closed to increase air flow.
    As you will see from the pictures we also created a large run that is approximately 20' X 6'. Due to foxes, coyotes, owls and my very curious bird eating cat, we decided the chicken wire needed to go all the way around and dug trenches to allow the wire to go about 18 inches underground.
    We built roosts outside in the run and have a fabulous area under the coop that is enclosed for the girls to enjoy during our summer heat (it's gets to up to 115 here in the summer). I'm fairly certain I will need to make some adjustments this summer and create some artificial shade to keep the temperatures bearable.

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  1. Nardo
    "Nice coop and run"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Oct 4, 2018
    Good job building this really nice looking coop.
  2. 21hens-incharge
    "Nice coop!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 1, 2018
    Good attention to ventilation. I too would opt for hardware cloth and probably chain link with it. I have seen what coyotes can do.


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    Thanks for the info! Definitely need to consider ground outside is hard pan and we could barely dig it up with a tractor. I walk around each day to check the integrity and so far so good. We also lock them up tight inside the coop at night so it limits the amount of time something can happen that we aren't paying attention. :)
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  2. RedneckGurl
    I love the design but I have to say I'm sorry Old Adobe but it's wishful thinking only on your part about chicken wire withstanding predators. The only things that will be kept out by using just chicken wire are the flying predators. All others mentioned, even a determined cat or dog, can break through chicken wire if they work at it just a bit. Heck my German Shepherd has chewed the bars loose on her dog crate and those are at least twice as thick as the wire used in metal coat hangers. Imagine what she could do to chicken wire! Hardware cloth at least 3 feet up the sides and at least 12 inches under the ground (for diggers) with something like welded wire fencing above that should protect your precious flock.
    Thankfully, we don't have racoons where we are, but we have lots of owls, hawks, eagles, opossums, skunks, cats, foxes, coyotes and neighborhood dogs. I hope we built it sturdy enough to withstand the predators.
  4. bluebirdnanny
    Now that is almost what I wanted. But with coons that can chew chicken wire I would use Hardware Wire Mesh.
    So far they haven't tried roosting in them at night. They are usually on their roost in the evenings. Only time will tell if they try to roost in them at night. :)
  6. Hawgdawg
    with your nesting boxes so low do you get birds that want to roost in them at night?
  7. hydroswiftrob
    Great looking coop!
  8. paridisefarm2009
    Nice . Great Job

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