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By annewandering · May 6, 2013 · Updated May 6, 2013 ·
  1. annewandering
    A progressive photo and verbal account of our chicks and chickens

    Three Easter Eggers from Cal Ranch >Dunlap Purchased May 4th. Clerk said they were 2 weeks old.

    (above) Has the chipmonk back and head with barred feathers it looks like on the wings.

    (above) Mostly shades of gray with barring on the wings. Wondering if this is going to be a Blue?


    (above) Yellow chick with silvery white wings. I am beginning to see an underlying grey on the head.

    The chicks are under a red light so they have red tinges but are not that way in reality.

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  1. earlybird10842
    HI. You might want to start a thread about this in the games, Jokes, and Fun section or the Raising Baby chicks section, depending on if you feel it is more fun or informative. More people will see it that way.

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