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By annewandering · Apr 9, 2013 · Updated Apr 12, 2013 · ·
  1. annewandering
    We want chickens for the eggs but for a little fun as well. I will post photos as we progress in making our coop and when we get our chicks. We have ordered 15 from Murry McMurry. For the eggs we chose five RSL and five BSL. Then we saw the Brahms and Cochins and decided they were too pretty to pass up! Oh and they would mean we wouldn't need to ever get an incubator. How could we lose on that deal? So we ordered 2 Light Brahma hens, 2 White Cochin hens, 1 Blue Cochin hen and 1 White Cochin rooster.
    We picked the Coshin rooster because they have a reputation of being more quiet than many. lol We can hope so. One of our neighbors is a bit teechy.

    We have used this old trailer for a coop in the past. It is all wired up in side for protection but not sufficiently. Perhaps we will use this for a temporary or tractor coop after remodeling. Another idea we are toying with is using this old truck rack as a frame for a tractor coop.

    We have come up with a new idea. :) This one my husband agrees with wholeheartedly. On the north side of the house is an old closed in porch that is completely sealed off from the house. We use it for nothing. There is no access from the house. It has had an electric light and has a roof, floor, four walls and a door opening. It is not in great shape but mostly superficial and easily fixed problems like the screens need to be changed out for hardware cloth. A door needs to be put on but there is one stacked in there with windows. The other nice thing is it is on the opposite side of the house from our teechy neighbor. It will be barely viewable from the street and is more than 15 feet from any neighbors property line. It would be very easy to put a run on the north side of it. In the summer it is protected from the hot Idaho summer sun. We should only have one expense and that is hardware cloth. Oh and I asked the city manager if there was a rule about how close it can be to our house and he said there is no rule on that. :)

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  1. annewandering
    Thanks! We got our hardware cloth for it today. I will take a picture later when I recover from the trip to town. :) It really looks terrible but it is going to work good. I am thinking of painting the wood siding rainbow colors. lol. Just for fun!
    My daughter and granddaughter are coming out this weekend to help. My granddaughter wants animals so bad but they live in an evil town that does not allow livestock animals of any kind so we are going to share with her. Labor, care, and eggs. :)
  2. Brookliner
    Post a picture. Great idea.

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