Here are links to some chicken related sites I've come across that are worth sharing:
These are the fun ones (the informative ones are further down):

The egg song! Really goofy....
The singing rooster Christmas card! Just love this...
Super Chicken! It was from these old cartoons that I got my avatar and signature "Quick Fred, to the Super Coop!".
They were my favorite (next to Bugs Bunny cartoons) when I was growing up, back when there was Saturday morning cartoons...anybody remember those? Well, enjoy...they made me smile and laugh outloud at the goofy-ness when I watched them...
These are the informative sites:

This is the ICYouSee chart, "An Alphabetical List of More than 60 Chicken Breeds With Comparative Information". … hooks.html
For a lot of info on feed mixes, check out:
Great listing of poisonous/toxic plants (i.e. What not to feed your chickens!)