Chickeny Goals
Just for fun!
  • Continue to raise and love Modern Game Bantams
  • Get my White Old English up-to-snuff to compete with the big dogs... getting there!
  • Make an underdog competitor from my Golden Duckwing and Blue Golden Duckwing Old English Games... make the "Big Three" breeders tremble in fear! BWAHAHA.
  • breed lower tails in my Moderns... gosh darn those high tails!
  • Get my ABA and APA judging licenses.
  • Own and breed O-Shamo and Ko Shamo
  • Own and breed large White Dorkings
  • Own and breed Black and White Sumatra bantams
  • Get a Long Crower rooster
  • Get a Silkie with more than 5 toes... as many as safely possible
  • Continue to promote the Modern Game Bantam
  • Show people how great chickens are
  • Frizzle my Moderns
  • Get a good incubator