Old English Game
White, BBR, Golden Duckwing Created by MoodyChicken
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Old English are a fantastic breed to raise competitively or simply in a backyard flock. Hens are very sweet and enjoy being handled and cuddled. They can be timid at times. Males are big showoffs and sometimes feel the need to push the boundaries. They generally tend to be cocky, but respectful. OEGB are the most popular exhibition breed and come in over 50 different varieties.




Description / Information


A mature White OE male​


A mature Black Breasted Red (BBR) female​

FOREGROUND: a mature Silver Duckwing (SDW) female BACKGROUND: a mature Blue Golden Duckwing (BGDW) male (note: he is a "dark Golden," the hackle and saddle should be lighter in color)​



A young Blue Red (Blue Breasted Red) OE chick (note: this chick is dark blue and looks like a BBR chick, you can distinguish the two by checking the underfluff which is gray on Blue Red and black on BBR)​



A young White OE chick​