Hi everyone! I'm Chicken Man Dan and I live with my wife, our cat and 4 hens in suburban Ontario! We currently have 2 Red Sex Links, a Barred Rock and Columbian Rock who haven't missed a day. We started with 3 but "dispatched" one of the hens recently. 2
We started keeping hens in July 2011 shortly after finishing our coop and run.

On the car ride home, we actually got our first eggs from the backseat. I guess they were pretty excited so they dropped these two in the box from the farm.

Here are the original three enjoying themselves in the summer heat and begging for some grass (they go nuts for it!)

I'll post more later (as they all say) and maybe the plans for our coop and run.
I actually DID add something more: Poop Free Heated Water Design
And here is even more. After I performed emergency head removal surgery on one on the reds (she didn't survive it), we replaced her with two new birds. Below are the photos of the Barred Rock and Columbian Rock we just got. Still waiting for them to lay though.


Thanks for reading.
-Chicken Man Dan