Poop Free Heated Water

By Chicken Man Dan · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Chicken Man Dan
    I bought a heated dog bowl and wanted to make sure that the birds wouldn't either end up in the water or poo in the water. I've seen a few ideas online using bent wire, but I didn't fancy drilling holes in the bowl housing. Instead I added a vac formed dome to cover it. It looks a little like a space helmet, but with the holes in the side, the birds don't seem to mind. I'm lucky that I have a vac former setup to do this (I design and fabricate consumer products for a living). So far, no wet birds and no poop.

    The original bowl:
    The vac formed bowl still in the form:
    The finished assembly with holes cut (note the protective film hasn't been removed in this pic, hence the cloudiness of the material):

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  1. Earthologie
    Also, I would like to make one of these for a tiny quart sized bowl. Do you have any suggestions for something that would fit over the top of that?
  2. Earthologie
    I LOVE THIS IDEA!... But where does one get a... Vac formed bowl thingy?

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