Chicken Math- the Symptoms and how to (try and) prevent it!

  1. DancingWthDucks
    Most of us have heard of and even experienced the highly infectious virus most commonly known as 'Chicken Math'. Surveys have shown that 73% of new poultry keepers expand their flock within their first year (yep, I just made that up). Severe cases of chicken math can result in chicken obsession and lots of eggs to collect each morning.

    Common Symptoms may include:
    -Expanding flock

    -Branching into other poultry species

    -Increased talking of poultry relating subjects

    -Spending two hours drooling over the hatchery catalog

    -Frequent and strong desire to 'fill up the bator'

    Before 'Chicken Math'

    After 'Chicken Math'


    Meathods to (try to) prevent it:
    -Buy a small coop- this makes it harder to expand

    -Only get incubators with a small egg capacity (ideally no more than 10 hen eggs)

    -DONT SUBSCRIBE HATCHERIES NEWSLETTERS- these are bursting full of picture of cute fluffy chicks and great offers.

    -Try to avoid reading breed reviews- this only makes you want them more!

    *PLEASE NOTE: increasing cases of 'Chicken Math' have been found in keepers of other poultry including Ducks, Geese, Turkeys and Quail.*

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  1. TwoCrows
    Too funny but true!! :)
  2. sjturner79
    And I want to set up the incubator, but just can't. I need to do something with all the babies first !
  3. sjturner79
    Hmm, doesn't work, small coop, no incubator set up city limit of 12 chickens, but from my 9 hens i've had 70 chicks so far this year
  4. Minnowey
    I've definitely got this. The number of poultry chicks I'm getting this year went from 14 to 32 ( yes, 15 of those are pheasants to set loose on the property, and 7 are guineas, but they still count, right?)[​IMG]
  5. rir264
    That is a great article, personally I think "chicken math" is an epidemic!!!
    Very funny! I have not laughed that hard in a long time.
  6. PBBackyard
    Ok. The "Buy a small coop- this makes it harder to expand" didn't work for me. I just bought another coop. We now have two. It's a good thing there is a city limit on the amount of chickens I am allowed.
    1. Kluk-Kluk
      The local limit hasn't stopped me from going over it..... We have great neighbors who haven't reported me.
  7. bobhoke
    Very funny. Needed the laugh. Thanks!!!
  8. Then I Will
    I've had this virus for many years now. It's at a highly aggravated stage now that I have moved and have had no coop or chickens for two years. I am seeking self-treatment this spring.
  9. Jaromo99
    I told myself no hatching. We don't even have an incubator. But we have a heat pad....... I currently have 11 eggs setting.
  10. Chicken Girl1
    Thanks for the laugh!
  11. Alexandra33
    Sadly, I'm in the advanced stages of "chicken mathitis." :( There's no curing it! :p
  12. MasterOfClucker
    Hilarious,At first i was like why would someone name a disease chicken math.

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