Chicken Predators and Pests: Getting Started With The Day

  1. WisteriaMoonChicken
    Are you sick and tired of your chicken/s being eaten all the time? Well If you read this you can help your chickens survive and have a peaceful life! So are you ready to find out? Let's start our journey!

    Chickens like to explore and being curious about stuff, they don't know if it's danger, but this can mean harm. So, How do you help them? Just let them out of there coop at the morning and don't forget to feed them and give them fresh and clean water. During the day, the chicken/s will be fine. When you look at the time/sky, at sunset, the chickens should be at there coop/s right now.

    There will be another article of this.

    Hope you learn! ^_^

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  1. Texas Kiki
    Predators DO NOT just strike at night time.
    The hungry ones will snatch up a chicken in broad daylight too.

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