Here is our homemade run. We used the pvc water pipe that we pulled out of our well to build it. Recycling!!! I dont remember the size right now but DH built it with the correct square footage needed for 8 standard chickens. Used connectors to glue it all together. Chicken wire runs along the sides and across the top. I added a second layer on the bottom third and extended it out as an apron. We used zip ties to fasten it to the frame. I know what you are going to say about chicken wire. The chickens are only out during the day when someone is home. The dog is in the yard during the day or lets me know if something is around. So far the only predators that come by every day are the hawks and crows. You can see my waterer in the foreground. It is a pvc waterer with two nipples. Easy to move, clean and refill. There is a screw cap on top to keep out crap. I usually give them fresh water every day. In the back where two of the girls are, is the pvc feeder. It, too, is a 2 inch pvc pipe with a y at the bottom and caps at both ends. Easy to move, fill, and clean. I thank all the BYCers for these ideas. The white bowl is their sand box for now(cost $1) until I find my old cat litter pan. The girls like the roost in there but need a longer one. I have two sun screens for the top that I have to glue together yet. You can kinda see the one hanging down at the front where the boards are. My girls are very happy in there. We move it every day. Once the tractor has the minor technicality taken care of, they will be matched up. We are still working out the apron for the tractor as we have a very uneven lawn. Thanks for looking!!!