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By pharmchickrnmom · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. pharmchickrnmom
    My new chicken tractor built by DH. No plans, he just let the wood speak to him!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    First pick is looking through the open door to the opposite end. There are double doors on both ends so the poults can have a window with air conditioning! The nest boxes are on the left and the roosting bar is on the right. Second pic shows the roosting bar with the upper vents that go across the front. All the openings are covered with hardwire. Third pic are the custom nesting boxes with roost. Fourth pic is my pvc feeder. I suspended it with a bungie from an eye hook on top and a small bungee on the far end to allow it to tip down some so the feed will flow. Again, ventilation windows on the bottom--one on each side wth a door. These are on the opposite wall of the high vents above the roosting bar. You can see one in the big pic up top. Also--the middle hinged doors in the top pick are for access to the nesting boxes (which are closed off right now as the girls are only 8 weeks old). Last pic is across from the feeder. That is the door which latches from the inside. It is fitted so that when it is close, it has no way for any critters to slip their claws in or under it. It has two wheels and two iron bars (recycled tv antena pole) to pull it. Not bad to move with one in front and one pushing. The waterer is a cranberry juice jug with a nipple in the cap and it hangs from an eye hook in the rafter above the door, by the feeder. I fashioned a simple harness for it from some cording that was laying around. Hope you like it cause I really do! My DH is amazing! I have more pics if you need to see them as I took lots of pics during construction. Check out the run he made!!!

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  1. lonnyandrinda
    Could you explain what you mean by a "floating skirt?" I searched out this article after finding your reference to it on another thread. We are in the "planning" stages and trying to decide what style/size of coop to go with. Hubby wants 25-30 chickens but he really wants a portable tractor as well, I'm thinking we are going to need to do two pieces (one stable, one portable) to accomodate that quantity. (If I don't win out and we go with 12-15 chickens). How easily it moves is a big concern, as well as maneuverability since part of our yard has some good sized trees. Plus I do not want an ugly redneck thing parked in our yard either... <sigh> so many criteria to please at once!

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