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Here is our first little Bantam coop! It was a freebie on Craigs list.


A coat of paint and a few goodies and it looks liveable. It has actually had a few more goodies added since this pic.

Here is the old nest box I have for the big girlz. I got this in a load of scrap metal a few years ago. I gave it to a friend who had chickens. Then when we got chickens and she had no more she gave it back. I really like it just because its old. And the girlz seem to like it too.

Here it the other free coop that became home to my RIR Bantams. This was while still on the trailer.


And this is after a salvaged RV window and some free paint were added. Total money in this one is less than $20.

OK and for anybody who may be wondering here is the story of how Chicken Rustler came to be.

Please keep in mind I ain't no writer of words so it tis what it tis.
OK So my DW is disabled with a stroke. It has effected her (no nice way) mentally. She decided she wanted to get some chickens to have something to do.
I needed to build a coop and run. Since I was (still am) out of work. I had very little $ to buy all of the supplies. But the next place down the road was empty and there were lots of nice nearly new supplies. Yessss midnight shopping at the corner of grab it and run. I had a basic coop but needed feeders, (score) and pressure treated posts and lots of chicken wire score. OK so I got the coop/run built. we went to town and managed to get a few chicks. But DW didn't wanna wait until mid summer fer eggs. So another late night shopping trip to the other neighbors coop. Lets see these 2 BR hens and this GSL should do nicely. Especially since they were the easiest to reach. Yup I stoled my first 3 chickens. Those three hens provided us with some nice eggs until our little chickies became young ladies and started producing eggs. At that point we no longer had a need for the 3 stolen hens so another late night trip to the neighbors coop to UN-steal the 3 hens we had been getting eggs from for the past 6 months. And so when it came time for a screen name Chicken Rustler just seemed to fit. and as for my usual avatar that was taken by the DH of Kim Hunter (BYC) at a WA gathering we had in 2010. And yes that is the way I showed up BTW the bandanna has chickens on it. That is material I bought at Wal-Mart.

OK now for the record the empty farm.... I knew the lady and she was moving out so told us that we could come get any of that stuff we wanted.
And the neighbour I stole the hens from..... She is like family and told me to go get them.

But really is either one of those as fun of story. And that is how Chicken Rustler came to be so I just continue to have fun with it. So if yer gonna be out of town make sure to lock yer coop cause I am always shopping and I have gps locations on every coop.

OK so on 9/15/2012 to make sure my skills remained Highly polished. I put them to the test.

As posted by itsren! 9/15/2012 Whom I had just met a few minutes prior.

So - it is true - VERY TRUE... CR is a master at rustlin'! He managed to rustle a cell phone off the waitress, right in front of me, and neither I nor the waitress even noticed! I think the poor waitress was shocked when she got her cell phone back.

As posted by T Hi 9/15/2012

Oh ya and CR......... really!!!? Next time if ya want the cute blonde waitress's phone number... JUST ASK FOR IT!!!! You don't have to steal her whole phone!!!

Originally Posted by T Hi 9/15/2012

Uh oh!!! I think CR is almost home now!!!! I better be on my best behavior!!! I have went all this time without ever letting him know where I live and now my plan is all ruined!!!

As posted by itsren 9/15/2012
Have you checked your house to make sure you still have all your ducks? With CR around, I'd be a little worried about the feathered friends.

Posted by CR 9/15/2012
And for the record ....... I think I was being Set up by a couple of silly girlyz that knew they could be home way before me so they could make post that they hoped would make me look bad.

And for the record when I followed my homing device to T Hi's house .... Guess what she wasn't awake yet When she answered the door I thought I was gonna have to for my life !!!!!!

As posted by CR 9/16/2012

OK so I know ya all have been told the fabricated story of me (supposedly) stealing the waitress's phone. That is not the way it went. Well OK so maybe her phone may have ended up in my pocket but.
Really it wasn't.

So here is what I think MAY have happened. While standing in the restaurant talking to T HI and itsren I think the phone may have "accidentally" jumped into my pocket because it thought it belonged to T HI and feared she was going to forget it on the counter. And then some ten or so minutes later when T Hi was seen talking on her own phone said supposedly rustled phone realized it didn't belong to T HI so it didn't need to depend on me for a ride home and that it should give it's self up to be reunited with it's proper owner! At which point the waitress happened to walk by and see the "supposedly stolen" phone in my hand.
Yeah that must have been the way it all went down. And see just how fast people were to try to blame me??? This is prezectally why peeps think me to be what they think me to be!!!