Here are some of my metal (so called ) art work pieces. I custom make all of my work so you get just what you want. There is no cookie cutter stuff here, it is all hand made and no 2 are eggsactally the same.
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Jumping frog on lilly pad. garden stake.

This is the gate I made for our Interstate trailer when we were showing Pygmy goats.

Here is my bell for home. And even with the letters cut out it still sounds very nice.

Howling wolf on a 28" saw blade.

Sun to go on the bottom of bells.

Bell / wind chime and hand made wall mount bracket. This one was made to order for Premium Quality Hay and Feed Ethel, WA

Here is the coat racks I make from horse shoes and rasp's

Here is a 33" sign made for T HI a fellow (lady) BYCer.

Here is an 8" X 19" Bell made for 4cats3kids1hubby2many.

And of course I have to include our sandrail that I built in the spring of 2010.