Chicken tractor build.

By Johnzan · May 30, 2014 · Updated May 30, 2014 · ·
  1. Johnzan
    Decided to accept my father in laws offer of taking some peeps off of his hands while visiting his farm in Pennsylvania to take back to north Georgia with us.

    My Wife picked out five out of six females and one rooster by accident....yep, they're 9 weeks old and the rooster definitely stands out with plenty of attitude.
    I was forced to get started on a coop, tractor design and build so I got in the web to get some ideas and kinda winged it as the project evolved.
    It took me two weeks to finish it and I was glad to get the chicks out of my basement.

    I wanted it to be fairly predator proof, easy for my wife and daughters to move and very convenient to clean and access every compartment.

    It's got a hinged door to access the eggs in the nesting boxes.
    Hinged door to access the main compartment of the coop.
    A hinged, lockable door at the top of the hinged ladder to lock them in at night.
    A hinged door in the run.
    Retractable wheels.
    Vinyl flooring to protect the wood floor from liquids.
    Corrugated roof panel.
    Stained with bear semi transparent water based stain on wood and also the wire to cut down on glare from the would be suprised how much better it is to see through the wire once it is stained blends right into the grass and looks almost invisible.

    I used the green stain because it has a camouflage effect and gives the coop a low profile in the back yard.

    I would have preferred green roof panels but. I had white left over from a dry deck project but no worries, I will paint it soon enough.

    I am working on a second project that involves a six foot tall coop that was given to me along with two adult hens but it needs major modifications and a run to be more habitable.
    I will post pics before/after once I finish that one.

    I really enjoy carpentry and had such a blast building this tractor and I've already got requests from friends to build one for problem......this is fun!

    Don't know why the pics are coming out crooked but here they are.












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    Looks good! I like it! :)
  3. Johnzan

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