Chicken Wish List

Gotta hatch 'em all
So I'm new to raising chickens. My coop is small and my egg production will exceed my needs. I still want more! I've already got my next coop planned out and I'm in the scrounging stages. I can't spend a lot, so I'm using waste lumber when I can find it. My current coop is 4x4 and the run is 8x4. I'm planning on buildling the new coop to the 8x4 dimensions and just plopping it on top of my old railroad ties. I'll likely build my run out of rebar and pvc pipe and plastic netting. As long as the coop is strong I don't need to worry TOO much about the run. I'm home all day so I'll be here with a 9mm if the odd dog wanders by and decides he wants chicken for dinner.
So far I have 2 Barred rock hens for their light brown eggs, 2 Welsummers for their dark brown eggs, and 2 Easter Eggers. I thought I was getting Ameraucanas, but I have since learned that the hatcheries sell Easter Egger mutts as Ameraucanas. Oh well. If they lay a nice blue egg I won't mind.

Here's what I'm hoping to have in the future:
Copper Marans, true Lavender and Blue/Black Ameraucanas with vibrent shells, dark Olive eggers, sage Olive eggers, Salmon Favorelles, Light Sussex, and Egyptian Fayoumis.

I currently have two bantam chicks. One is a light brahma, and I think it's a rooster, and the other is a lovely pearl grey color with slate legs, but I've got no idea what breed she is. Many people have suggested Old English Game Bantam, but (I may be wrong) it seems people say that when they can't figure out what it is. It seems the OEGB designation is just a catch all for "everything else". I'd like to figure out what breed she is and in the future I'd also like to add some Japanese Bantams and some Sermas.