Welcome to my Page
I will be adding pictures of my babies soon. (check page 2)
I'm a first-time chicken owner and so far it's been so much fun. Were in the process of turning our backyard shed into a coop. I will be posting "before and after" pictures very shortly. Until then let me introduce some of my other friends.
This is my puppy Chloe. (she's the white one)

This is my sweet cat Ralph. We adopted him about 5 years ago. He's awesome!


The beagle in the above picture is named Penny. She's "different". You beagle owners out there know what I mean.

And last but not least is Milo the cat. He's also known as "Bubba". Another sweetheart.

This silly "stray" chicken is the reason I wanted to get a chicken. It kept appearing in my backyard and was alot of fun to watch. My little dog Chloe would chase this chicken around our tree. Talk about funny!