Okay I guess I'll start at the begining. I work at a small antique shop close to home. We had a frequent customer that came in last August and asked one of our girl's if she knew anyone that wanted chickens? She of coase thought of me right away. My husband and I had discust getting chickens for years. Just never jumped on the project. I gladly accepted under one condition that the coop came with them. And so we started our chicken journey. We adopted 4 Bantam hens so we thought.... It turned out that Whitey was a Roo! We have since lost all of our hens but Whitey is still going strong. This past July we added 8 more full size hens (we thought) to our coop. Turns out we have two more Roos in that batch! Peanut and Emma now Emmit... They are all so different and beautiful, I don't know how I'm going to choose who stays and who goes! So far they are not fighting! UGH! Anyways my husband made the girls/boys a new beautiful coop and we do intend to add more chickens in
the future.