Recieved this amazing book; The Extraordinary Chicken by Stephen Green-Armytage from mom and dad... This picture I took from my Art Cave where I was working on my Feather Christmas balls for our Christmas tree this year... Thanks to my Old Roo! Poor Whitey my Japaness Bantam was stolen by two black labs this past summer. All I was left with was feathers from him, which I saved not knowing what the heck I would do with them.
I recently visited a customer of mines antique store, The Nesting on Main, in Concord,MA and she had these amazing orniments made from feathers in just a simple glass ball... I feel in love and desided to make my own. I knew I had plenty of feathers from my 19 girl's and I still had some of Whitey feather's as well! Although after making them I realized the balls I choose had a bit of tint to them so I plan to make them over for next year with clear balls!
Merry Christmas my chicken peeps!!!