Our Chicken Story & Urban Backyard Coop!


We decided to become "Chicken Farmers" because we enjoy fresh, organic eggs and wanted to collect them from our own chickens we raised ourselves. I decided to start a new flock of chickens so I ordered a variety of Standard and Bantam feritle eggs on Ebay to hatch them out. I received 42 eggs total (none broken) and set them in my Little Giant Incubator. After some online research, I decided to use an automatic egg turner and forced air fan to increase the hatch rate. Oh boy, did it ever....I hatch out 32 babies total! WOW! I was so excited. My husband built me a beautiful coop to house them.

Time Line:

February 24, 2012 - Set eggs


March 16-17, 2012 - 32 hatchlings total...SUCCESS!

One week old

Two weeks old and they needed more room!

10 weeks old

18 weeks and egg laying has started......

23 weeks and all of the girls are laying almost daily.....

Our Coop

My DH remodeled our Garden Shed into a coop/small run and installed a window for added air circulation.

Angled View

Open the door and a gate holds the pine shavings in and keep the girls back from the door

Inside: DH built the nest boxes and I added the tin signs and washboard for coop decor!

Finished ceiling and lighting

Small run and roosting area:

View from the coop - our deck built by DH under our beautiful oak tree

Flower Garden and backyard - my labor of love

My husband and I - Thanks for viewing our page