Do chickens talk to each other? Many people believe that they don't. Are they correct? Nope! Chickens do communicate with one another.

This experiment was done by a scientist. He took a recording of a certain chicken's noise and played it back to the flock. The flock begin to look at the ground, as if they were searching it. Mainly roosters and broody hens make this sound. It means "Food is here!" If you have a rooster you may be familiar with this sound. If you do have a rooster toss some food in to the coop and watch you rooster, listen for that noise!

Have you ever wondered what it means when a rooster crows? Let's find out! When a rooster crows, they are trying to make sure they are being noticed, in a way they are trying to stand out! They are trying to say "Look at me!" They crow all day, they must love attention!
picture by Gordan Wiltsie Nat Geographic

If your chicken makes a high pitched screeching sound it means they are telling the flock that something bad is near, like
a hawk. Mainly boys do this to warn the hens!

The 4 main sounds chickens make sound like: Pok, Brawk, Cluck and sqauwk.

You can teach your flock a little bit of English too! You could say "food" when you are bringing out a chicken treat. Then they will quickly learn that food means well, food! Chickens are very smart! They have a pecking order which is advanced society! Smart huh? That's more impressive than the fact they can communicate! They can communicate! Still don't believe me? Observe your flock, see what you can translate!
- roostersandhens
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