These are all my chickens, I have 41. 7 roosters the rest are hens. Here's my flock:
This is Oreo my Cochin X Barred Rock, he is very sweet, he acts like a Cochin, not a Barred Rock. He is has the fluffiest feet ever! He is the silliest boy ever!

This is him when he was younger (right after we got him):

This is Olive she is a Black Australorp hen. She is my sweetest hen ever! She is beautiful too! (in my opinion):

This is Olive with her adorable chicks when she was broody, her chicks are adults now:

This is Herki Olive's best friend, Herki is also very sweet, just like Olive. They are both Australorps.:
Herki passed away from a prolapsed vent. Being my favorite hen, I will always miss her very much. RIP :'(

This is Daisy, she is a Buff Orpington hen she is so nice to other chickens. When my hen Doodle (doodle is dead:() was cold Daisy would always put her wing over her. It was so sweet:

This is Sunshine she is also a Buff Orpington. Sunshine talks a lot!!! She is silly.:

This is Chirp she is an Easter Egger, I tamed her as a chick but for some reason she is wild.

Chirp as a little chick:

This is Red she is a Rhode Island Red, she is SO curious. She comes in my house and eats all my fruit that's sitting on the counter:

This is Ginger she is an Easter Egger hen. She is super funny when she makes noises. :

This is Eddy my Americauna rooster. He is very sweet and loves attention:

This is Ruthie she is a RIR she is the hen in the middle:

This is Snapple she is a Cochin mix she is very sweet and I train her tricks:

This is Hoot she is also a Cochin mix she is a broody gal and is very sweet:

This is Noodle she is also a Cochin mix, she is very sweet, and beautiful:

This is Garbanzo she is a Cochin mix. She is very pretty and a nice gal:

This is Licorice! He follows you everywhere! He is awesome (he is a mix):

This is Trooper, she is named Trooper because she needed help out of her egg, and survived, while my other struggling hatcher (her sis/.bro) died :( :

This is Moose she is a very pretty hen, just beautiful! She may be 1 color but all her feathers are so neat:
I couldn't find any recent good pictures of her so this is her as a chick:

This is Puff she is a Amercauna X Australorp X Cochin X Barred Rock, she is very sweet and has a nice personality:

She is 3 months old.

This is her brother Scribble he is the same breed same age. He LOVES to be held and makes such cute noises when he's happy:

This is Pip he is a bit aggressive but I love him:

This is Trooper with Noodle:

This is Floppy. She is an ex battery Leghorn hen:

This is Dotty she is an ISA Brown hen:

This is Willow she is an ex-battery Leghorn hen:

This is Glinda:

This is Foghorn:

I hope you like my chickens!
~ roostersandhens