Chickens getting ready to lay.

Great article! Simple and easy to understand, and the pictures were a nice addition!
Great article! I love that it was straight forward (pictures helped!) and not a lengthy read :p
Thanks I have three pullets that i cant wait to see start laying! 20191028_170840.jpg 20191025_184057.jpg
We are patiently waiting for that first egg. After a short vacation to the (ugh) beach next week, we are getting some more hens, hopefully getting rid of some roosters by the trip time.
The hen is squatting for one of the roosters that lives in the coop with her, but has nothing to do with the others. But, no egg. Gave her a private area for nesting, but she appears to be scratching nesting areas everywhere in the coop but there. Even gave her a ceramic egg for a sample...
Her comb, though, is starting to redden, and we were wondering. Thanks for the info!
This article was really helpful, especially because I have a pullet with my laying hens and am trying to tell if she is laying!
The pictures made this article for me. Fun and educational.
Thank you for this article - reflector the pics that allow for comparison. I am anxiously awaiting eggs from my almost 20 week old pullets, and after reading your article, I realized my girls' combs are not nearly as red and ready as I thought they might be. :)
I very much enjoyed this article. Very informative. My 2018 pullets started laying months ago, but... I still looked at this anyways. Good work!
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