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Chickens getting ready to lay.

  1. alexa009
    If you have pullets, you are wondering when they should start laying, but how do you know they are ready to lay or already are laying. If you think your pullets are close to laying you have to look for these clues.

    1: Red face with big comb and wattles.
    You should be able to tell when your chickens are getting ready to lay their first egg because their comb will start growing really fast and their comb, face and wattles will a bright red. Here is the difference with a chicken that is ready to lay and a chicken that isn't.
    Not ready.

    Is ready or already laying.

    2: when you enter the coop or try picking up your chicken she will squat submissively. Here is a pic that you should be familiar with.

    3: She will go in and out of the nesting boxes and may try to drive the hens away if she is feeling protective.

    4: Since it is her first time laying she may get a lot louder before she begins.
    chicken (1).jpg

    5: After she gets used to the process things will go more smoothly and less irritable.

    6: It may seem like eternity but soon you there will be an egg in the coop.


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    If anyone has any questions about chickens ask me in a pm and I will answer it for you!;)
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  1. alexa009
    Thank you!
  2. Whittni
    Good job.
  3. sassysarah123
    Great job!
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