Chickies By the Bay
Okay, so this is definitely a bunch of firsts for me. Like many others building coops on this site, I've never built anything before in my life other than furniture from Pottery Barn or Ikea with cookie cutter you can definitely do this. I've joined chat rooms, but have never posted before, and have never raised chickens. My main problem about starting the coop was that there is too much infomation out there and I couldn't decide on what to build or how to build it. I found a set of general plans, then started building exactly to the specs in the plan. That worked for about 2 days, then I decided - enough of that, and started adapting to what I wanted, the space I was building in and the what made sense to me. Every day before I start, I have a general idea of what I want to to, and that's the last time I look at the plans. This will come together easily for you, I've never even owned a circular saw before. Now, I can't put the thing down, can't stop surfing the great posts, and can't wait for my first egg from my group of 4 week old bantams. I even sneak home to them to play at lunch time and make a quick cut or two before coming back to work.
I'll be posting pics of chickies, progress on the coop, many questions and definitely the first egg I've ever had part in creating. Thanks for all the great pics and posts! Keep them coming.