The chicks turned 2 weeks yesterday. Earlier last week we noticed there are 27....1 more than we thought!! They are starting to fly around and test their new feathers. They jump and fly around when the top to the brooder is open. They are in a little bit of a "crazy" stage especially in the mornings. So far they have started eating their chick grit sprinkled on top of their feed when it is changed (several times daily). They experienced their first "treats" this past week as well. So far they have tried whole wheat spaghetti noodles (cut in half inch pieces), broccoli/cauliflower, and peaches. They liked the noodles and ate up all of the broc/caulif. They didn't really like the peaches that much and covered their plates in shavings to cover up the cut up peaches. We went blueberry picking yesterday so I imagine they will be trying some blueberries in the next week. They are growing by leaps and bounds and have already almost tripled their 2 day old size. They are hanging out comfortably at around 86-90 degrees for the last few days. Some of them already have shown some of their personalities and have acquired names. So far, one of the EE's has been named Cheeky, one of the Lt. Brahmas is now Sweetie. Cheeky for her cute little puffy cheeks and her very inquisitive personality. Sweetie for her ability to always find the person handing out the lovin'. All I have to do is put my hands into the brooder and she immediately comes over and puts herself in just the right position for some chest scratching. She will even push others out of the way to make sure she gets hers. We have noticed that the Lt. Brahmas seem to be the most friendly and the SLWs the most pushy and pecky out of the bunch. Anyway, we love them all and look forward to continuing to watch them grow!