My New Chicks

Okay so I took a chance on a new up and coming hatchery that one other person on here had told me they had used. Everything seems fine with the health of the chicks. I really have no complaints. He posted an add on Craigslist for Panama City, Florida... that read.
SALE! SALE! SALE! We hatched so many birds this week, we can offer you great savings!! We now have Araucana, Rhode Island Reds, Domineckers, and assorted Bantee chicks for $1.00 each. This is for straight run only. Sexed chicks will be more. Pick up at hatchery only. Please call Ken at 850-625-0730 for information. Older chickens may be available at different price. We do accept Visa and Master Card. We also have ducks, guinneas, and other breeds. Please call for price.
So being it was SO SO SO cheap I called and set it up to pick them up today. He was SUPER NICE!.

I got home and built a temp brooder, cause I think they are way to young for my big brooder. Plus I wanted to watch chick TV for awhile and I knew my wife would want to as well. I love it when I have to buy almost NOTHING. The 23 Chicks I got, for $25, he sexed what he could for only a $0.25 more. I only wanted 20 , he threw the other 3 in for free.

Anyhow, I took a bunch of pictures when I got home. Some came out alright, some others could be better. The mixture I got, has a few Barred Rocks, Jersey Giants, EE's, Dominecker, Buff Orpingtons, And Some kinda Bantams, with Feathers on their feet. Here ya go.

105_0664.jpg 105_0674.jpg
105_0670.jpg 105_0662.jpg
105_0665.jpg 105_0667.jpg