Here's our coop progress! DH is an awesome builder of great things! So of course, our chickens will have a palace
We scoured the fabulous BYC coop pages & the internet...DH bought the Chicken Coops for Dummies book & we came up with the basic design and adding alot of making up as we go along...
The coop is 8 x 10 & about 7' high in the front and 5' in the back. The run is 8 x 24 (including the area under the coop)​
After several arguments, we finally decided to put the coop where I want it...hehe Added some dirt to level a bit...ran a water line from the house

Set posts...dogs giving the sniff of approval... Ran a trench for electric from the house....​

Lots of shade!! I missed a few pics... painting in progress! We decided to have the coop off the ground... 1) snakes and 2) cross ventilation for the run

Nest boxes...If I could change it...I would have them off the ground...but DH insisted on this should work :)

Starting on the wire! Hoping to keep the coons out!

Chickies love it! Still a few more things to do...

Will be hanging food & water...still have to pick up chains! The roosts are from some of the trees that came down during Hurricane Ike screwed into the walls...birdies love the top one!

Can't wait to get some eggs!!

Can open & close the chicken door from outside! Locks closed..I really like this! DH did a great job!

Still need to paint the door!

Inside the run! Will be hanging feeder with a chain...waterer set up on concrete blocks. We decided on sand in the run...cooler & birdies love it!
Sprinkled some DE around. We'll also be putting in something they can climb/roost on..DH has a great idea for a 'tree' roost.

All done!!

Things still to do...find a place for a very comfortable chicken watching chair :-D
Thanks for looking!!!