Well, I am a 52 year old Artist/Crafter/Animal lover. About 4 years ago we got some chickens when we lived in Ohio. We kept them in the backyard. I had eight 12 week olds and six 4 week old, when one got out of the back yard and I had to chase it through the front yard and a neighbor called the cops on us. They gave us one day to get rid of them. So they went to a friends farm.
Now, we are renting in the country from some great people who also live on the property and have given us permission to have chickens. So, for Mother's Day, hubby got me 8 chicks. I liked the Buff Orpingtons, but he liked the Gold Lace Wyandottes, so I picked 4 of each. I was hoping for one of the BO to be a rooster as I want to keep that breed pure. They are 5 1/2 weeks old now. Starting to pick fights with each other. I keep telling hubby we have to get the coop built as they are quickly outgrowing the bathtub. All the BOs are pretty friendly. They fly onto my lap and shoulders (and sometimes the top of my head) when ever I sit on the side of the tub. All of the Wyandottes are still freaking out when I reach into the tub. Except one today actually got on top of the feeder and let me pet him.
Yes, him. I did not want a Wyandotte Roo, but looks like I got one, and seems he is going to be the only GLW that is getting friendly. I will still probably not keep him. I really want the BO breed to stay true. My chickens are pets, so we will not be eating them. At least I will not as I am a vegetarian. As we get chicks, and have too many chickens, I met let hubby cull a couple for his dinner, but he will have to do it all. Any Chicks I raise by hand will not become dinner. Here are a few pics of them at 5 weeks old.
Well. cannot get the pictures to show. Sorry, can't figure this out.