The Evolution of Chrissy's Pimped out Chicken Coop!
This all started four years ago while talking on the phone with my sister. Well, we may have had a "few" glasses of wine as we talked for hours about nothing. Deb asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, jokingly and tipsy if you will...I said,"Chickens". We laughed and laughed and as we were laughing she was surfing the internet for chicken coops. Click, add to cart, buy, SOLD. Within a week FedEx delivered me my ready to build mobile chicken coop. ...
Now..this is after we rigged it, putting a stand on the bottom, a new roof, and enclosing with netting and chicken wire so we could frolic off to Florida for a week. It was temporary enclosure that lasted almost 4 years.
Its my birthday! What do I want??? A new pimped out super coop I say! And so the evolution begins.
What the hell is going on here?
The truck arrives to build my new coop. I say,"go ahead drive up on the back property". ugh....oops. It sank.
I guess I forgot to turn off those sprinklers. Digging the truck out is a whole other story...lets go back to the coop!

The guys started early and by time I got home for lunch, the coop was evolving!

Throw a little paint on it, add a fence, some netting and 11 chickens...and whaaaaa laaaaa.. My pimped out mac daddy chicken coop.

Yes, it was about 8:00pm and we were still trying to dig out the Dodge Ram 5500 heavy duty Hemi, when...I called my neighbor and his wee little Toyota truck pulled out the Dodge! Oh, that was a commercial for sure! I will edit this as I go, but i really just wanted to get some pics up of my new dream coop. Call me crazy, call me crazy chicken chick, but hey...better then crazy cat lady right? Basically my chickens went from Nada to Prada. I answered an ad on Craigs list that read.." 20 hens ready for the pot" UGH, oh hell no! So I saved 5 making my grand total 16 chickens now. This is Chewey! Saved from the pot!